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Joan on Dynasty and Diahann

TVPosted by Michael Jul 06, 2011 07:43AM

Joan Collins talks about Dynasty and Diahann Carroll. They "see each other all the time". Check it out below.

White Collar

TVPosted by Michael Jul 06, 2011 07:41AM
Diahann sings on "White Colllar", check it out.

White Collar Update

TVPosted by Michael Jul 06, 2011 07:39AM
Check this out!

Diahann & Billy Dee

TVPosted by Michael Jul 06, 2011 07:37AM

Diahann will once again share screen time with Billy Dee Williams. They went to the same school back in the days and they acted together in Dynasty and Lonesome Dove: The Series. Now they both will appear in White Collar. The following is taken from a new interview with Joe Henderson, one of the writers of the series:

O’Shea: Diahann Carroll is a classic actress with a rich history in TV and film, how did she come to be part of White Collar–and how much do the show’s writers enjoy writing for her character?

Henderson: Diahann is awesome. I don’t know the exact story of her casting—I believe Jeff wanted someone classy who tied Neal to the Rat Pack kind of world and we were lucky enough to get her. We have an upcoming episode with her and Billy Dee Williams that plays with that world. It’s fantastic, and has a wonderfully charming scene where she and [series lead Matt] Bomer [who plays Neal Caffrey] sing a duet. Plus, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS! I mean, how cool is that?



TVPosted by Michael Jul 06, 2011 07:33AM

Maybe one day we will have "Julia" out on DVD. In the meantime, let's have a look at this season one episode from November 1968, called "Paint Your Waggedorn". Start from the top!

The Colbys

TVPosted by Michael Jul 04, 2011 07:49PM

Diahann did a total of seven guest appearances on the Dynasty spin-off series, The Colbys. Here's a look at her final appearance in the first season of The Colbys - there's a marriage taking place... (If you're following Dynasty on DVD and don't want spoilers, please do NOT watch this clip!). Only a few glimpses of Diahann, but still.

If you wanna see more Colby episodes, please search for COLBYS.

Dynasty Season 5

TVPosted by Michael Jul 04, 2011 07:46PM

A couple of days ago it arrived, season 5 of Dynasty on DVD! This is the season for us Diahann fans. Diahann, as Dominique Deveraux, sings, cries and fights through 29 episodes of pure 80's glamour. Read more about Dynasty here.

Below is a clip from a Dynasty TV Special - Diahann is introduced by fellow actors John Forsythe and Linda Evans.

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